Intelspire working with inspiration

Not sure where to work for ? Intelspire company is just the where you are working just like you are sipping coffee at the coffee shop. You are allow two bring your own coffee to the office as well. 

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What are we doing?

Intelspire is just like the business generator. We are now working on several projects and launch out to the public. Since we do have the experience in the corporate environment for more than ten years in real sector industries, therefore, we do know the pain that business have. Then we create the product or service that solve problems with the innovative approach of the startup which is high efficiency in term of operation and generate the new business opportunity.

Software As Service (SAAS)

 We do have technology team that can build up the Web App or Mobile App. Combining with the real business aspect, the software will provide the value to most local businesses.

New Business Model

Creativity and design thinking are used in finding the new business model. Even the business is related to the old-fashion industries or non-innovation related product.Still, the new perspective of the marketing approach or new product design is always lead to new business.

Food industries

Here in Thailand, there are many kinds of food supply and agriculture resource. Also, the advancement technology in the food industry is available to be accessed. It opens the business opportunity widely.

Enjoy the adaptable benefit to employee

Managing team is listening and monitor to your working behaviour closely so that you can perform the work as good as you expected

Creative Environment

The creative activities require creative environment. You will have ping-pong table and even the sofa bed inside the office. If you require some nap , go for it ! 

Flex time working hours

As working time policy, you may choose to select the Flex time working policy for clocking the working hours. So that you do not have worried about being late. 

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